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Kitchen Design Louisville KY - 3-Step Kitchen Design Process

Remodeling a kitchen can make us feel anxious even though we have not even started with it yet. We cannot help asking ourselves if we are making the right choices and wondering if better options are available. Collecting inspiration online and in publications also does not make things easier. There are just so many great ideas! How do we know which ones are suitable for our kitchen and achievable with our budget?


With the help of a professional designer from Kitchen Design Louisville, all those worries can go away. This is because our design process can be done in three easy steps.

  1. Complimentary Initial Design Consultation

    Yes, you read that right. COMPLIMENTARY. We can provide you with a free kitchen design, but of course, your help and contribution are a must. We cannot be sure that the design we will provide you would be the best for you if we cannot get as much information as possible.

    First, we would like you to tell us about your OBJECTIVES. Why do you want to remodel your kitchen? Do you want to increase your home’s market value because you are selling it sometime soon? Is your family getting bigger? Or something else?

    Second, we need to know your PREFERENCES. What is your personal style? Do you prefer a traditional-looking kitchen or a modern one? If you save photos and links of styles and designs you like, please share them with us!

    Third, tell us about the FEATURES and FUNCTIONALITY you and your family would love to see in the design of your new kitchen. Are you planning to use your kitchen for entertaining purposes? Is there anything you want to keep or change in the kitchen area?

    Fourth, think of your BUDGET and TIMESCALE. You have to set boundaries because you are in control of this project. Is there an important family event coming up in the next few weeks? Informing your designer of these can help you avoid spending unnecessarily and making sudden changes in your schedule. Both can affect the progress of the project.

  2. Planning Your Space
    Your designer will visit your home on the day you both agree to see your kitchen. This will help them understand better what you have discussed in Step 1. Then, the designer will walk you through possible layout options to optimize the use of your space. By getting the feel of your kitchen, the designer will be able to identify potential challenges. Together, you can discuss your workarounds.
  3. Understanding Your Options
    Everything you have discussed in Steps 1 and 2 will be put together in Step 3. You and your designer will weigh down your options for layouts, cabinetry, countertops, flooring, backsplashes, appliances, lighting, and plumbing. Your designer will also provide the cost for each option to help you make decisions based on your budget.

Take the first step. Call Kitchen Design Louisville.

Three steps are all it takes to receive a FREE kitchen design from a specialist. Call the number on this page to begin your 3-step design process.

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Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 9 AM - 6 PM

Address: 2952 Gregory Lane, Louisville, KY 40299, USA

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